Makeup Helper Corporation
( Exclusive Distributer Korea Cosmetic At USA )

             Makeup Helper is a famous skin care cosmetics brand high-end of Korean technology.
The birth of MAKEUP HELPER A mission to bring eternal beauty to keep the youthful beauty for women with products beauty from the most prestigious and quality natural herbs.
Makeup Helper not only enhances the radiant beauty of the skin but also maintains the youthful beauty of to help the skin become healthy and beautiful every day.Currently Makeup Helper cosmetics has launched Double Cushion market with outstanding formula face care products (3 in 1) that are SPF 50, PA +++ …, anti-wrinkle and brightening Natural skin and reasonable price of products are suitable for all skin types and are safe without irritation. .
Plus, the amazing lipstick is extracted from green apples to help prevent the special oxidation and anti-intensive lips. Natural oil and butter help to soften and smooth lips and not dry.
Excellent waterproof eyelid pencil products. Waterproof eyeliner makes the eyes sparkling, beautiful and not smudged, not blurry. Soft, interstitial lead is painless, quick-drying and waterproof.
The skin care product helps to brighten and brighten the skin and helps the skin soft and smooth, healthy and anti-wrinkle very effectively.
The product of shampoo and shower gel with a fruity aroma fresh sweet and natural nature creates a comfortable, refreshing and gentle feeling close to nature, making the body relax and open.
And some products for skin and eye color, rosy cheeks, ….. make up the famous Makeup Helper brand which is famous for consumers’ choice and love.

Commitment of Cosmetic Makeup Helper:

+ All products branded Makeup Helper are completely extracted from natural herbs, always follow the criteria of beauty for skin safety with natural ingredients.
+ Makeup Helper is one of the most prestigious brands because reasonable quality products are strictly verified by OEM, ODM, ISO, GMP, FDA and licensed for worldwide circulation.
+ Only selling genuine Makeup Helper cosmetics. All products have official labels and sales invoices of the company. Especially have anti-counterfeit stamps of US and FDA certified Jeptags. If customers discover that the company’s products are counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods and poor quality goods, we take full responsibility
+ Makeup Helper Corporation’s strategic development objective is to increasingly improve the quality of products and services to meet the beauty needs of all customers
+Makeup Helper Corporation willing to provide beauty products of the high quality of Makeup Helper in the US market.
+ Makeup Helper Corporation is the exclusive distributor of genuine Korean cosmetic Makeup Helper in USA.
+ Makeup Helper Corporation regularly opens to welcome agents with distribution systems throughout the 50 states of the United States.
+ Makeup Helper Corporation ensures the best quality products, affordable prices and the best offers and commitment to long-term commitment with Makeup Helper Corporation.
For more information, please contact via.
Makeup Helper Corporation
Address: 2857 Senter Road, suite F, San Jose, Ca 95111
Phone: 1 (209) 727-9999
Facebook : Makeup Helper US
Instagram: Makeup Helper US
Twitter: @MakeupHelperUS

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